Turquoise Cats Eye Palm Stone


This gorgeous shimmering palm stone measures about 7cm x 5cm.

Please look closely at the photos before you buy.

Here are five suggestions for using your Turquoise Cat's Eye palm stone for healing:Stress Relief Meditation: Hold the palm stone in your hand during meditation. Visualise the soothing energy of the Turquoise Cat's Eye calming your mind and releasing stress. Breathe deeply and let go of tension.Throat Chakra Activation: Place the palm stone on your throat chakra during energy work. The Turquoise Cat's Eye is associated with clear communication and expression. Use it to open and balance your throat chakra for improved self-expression.Creative Inspiration: Keep the palm stone on your desk or creative space. Its energy is said to enhance creativity and inspiration. Hold it when working on artistic projects to help tap into your imaginative flow.Protection Talisman: Carry the Turquoise Cat's Eye as a protective talisman. Its reflective nature is believed to ward off negative energy and provide a shield against psychic attacks. Hold it when entering challenging situations.Mood Upliftment: Rub the palm stone between your fingers to activate its energy. The shimmering effect can uplift your mood and bring a sense of joy. Use it as a tactile tool to promote positivity throughout the day.Remember to cleanse and recharge your Turquoise Cat's Eye palm stone regularly to maintain its energetic effectiveness. Trust your intuition to guide you in exploring the most beneficial ways to incorporate this crystal into your healing practices.

Properties of Cats Eye

  • Strengthens Relationships
  • Protects Emotions

Cats Eye is a man made stone; it carries wonderful light within it and is a great tool to use in colour therapy but I don’t believe it holds any magic the way real crystals do, but some people do, and this is their interpretation.