Tourmalinated Quartz Heart Necklace (Plated)


This lovely tourmalinated quartz heart pendant is set in finely silver plated metal.

The heart has some great, clear black tourmaline rods inside. It measures about 3cm x 3cm x 0.8cm deep.

The cord necklace measures about 44cm (17inches) in length with a 6cm extension chain that can be used to make it a bit longer. The metal on the necklace is just white metal not silver plated.

Please look closely at the photos before you buy.

Properties of Tourmalinated Quartz

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Healing

Tourmalinated Quartz is clear quartz which has stripes of Black Tourmaline inside it. This combination embodies both the energy of Black Tourmaline and the strong vibration of Clear quartz crystals, which amplifies the Tourmaline’s protective and grounding energy.