Stripy Onyx Healing Crystal Tumble Stones (x3)


Each stripy onyx stone is approximately 1.5cm x 1.5cm (smallish).

Please note - the ones we have at the moment are mostly quite pale green with the odd darker one mixed in.

Tumble stones are probably the most versatile of all Crystal shapes. Tumbles can be used around the house in grids for happiness, protection or healing... the list is endless, just put one or two in each corner of a room and let them do the rest. They are perfect for pockets, purses, pillows or pouches.

Properties of Banded Onyx

  • Happiness
  • Good Fortune
  • Strength

In crystal healing Banded Onyx is seen as a stone of happiness, good fortune and strength. Green Banded Onyx is associated with the heart. It is thought to bring strength, balance and self control.