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Cleanse and Protect Jar of Rough Selenite 1KG


This set is a jar of approximately 16 sticks of rough selenite (about 1KG) for you to create a grid around your house/room/bed, or to place on an alter, wish list or mantlepiece.

Each stick measures about 10cm long x 2cm wide but each is unique so there may be a variation of a mm or two.

Here's how to use the rods for protection, peace and/or cleansing:

Set Your Intention: Before you begin, set a clear intention for the grid. Whether it's protection, purification, peace bringing, or a combination, focus your thoughts on the desired outcome.Cleanse the Selenite: Ensure the selenite is energetically clean by placing it under moonlight, sunlight, or smudging with sage (never use water or liquid on selenite as it can dissolve).Create a Grid: Start placing the selenite rods in a pattern around the designated room/person/bed/house/desk. You can create a circle, square, or any shape that feels right to you. Space the rods fairly evenly and with positive intent.Activate the Grid: As you place each selenite rod, visualise a protective and purifying energy emanating from it. You may also choose to say affirmations such as " I activate this grid to work in the name of light and purification benefiting everyone who steps within it" or whatever feels right to you.Regular Maintenance: Periodically cleanse and recharge the selenite rods to maintain their effectiveness. This can be done through sunlight exposure, moonlight, or other cleansing rituals.

NB Occasionally there can a slight oily texture to these sticks so I'd recommend placing them on a saucer or coaster just to be safe (I have wiped over them all very well so they should be fine but I'm just (as always) being extra vigilant!

Properties of Selenite

  • protective
  • angelic
  • light
  • peace

Selenite brings a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. It is also very protective stone, it shields a person or space from negative external influences.