Sceptre Quartz Point (x1)


You will receive one of the lovely rough points from the photos, it will measure approximately 3cm long x 1cm wide, but as you can see they do vary a bit!

The surface of these interesting points often has a pale fuzzy mineral on it so they're more matt than normal quartz.

Put points facing inwards for healing and empowering and face them outwards for clearing and cleansing (the best thing to do it start with them facing outwards, them give them a clean with salt and water then turn them so they are facing inwards and you get the full treatment :)).

Properties of Sceptre Quartz

  • energy healing
  • directional energy

Sceptre Quartz points are wonderful to use when directional energy is needed, either towards, or away from something - they make a brilliant tool to use when drawing negative energy away from a person or thing, just place around it with the points facing away. Equally they can be used for healing - directing energy into a person or object (be sure to always cleanse them between uses to keep the energy clean).