Rose Quartz Mala Beads


This is a set of gorgeous rose quartz Mala Beads, the full length of the string is about 66cm plus 18cm for the string and Wheel of life that hangs from the end.

Each bead measures about 0.6cm across.

Mala beads are a traditional tool used in meditation and mindfulness practices. They are often associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, but can be used by anyone regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Mala beads typically consist of 108 beads, a guru bead, and a tassel or pendant.

Here's a description of what Mala beads are and how to use them:

What are Mala beads? Mala beads are a string of beads used to keep count during meditation or chanting. They are usually made from natural materials such as gemstones, wood, or seeds. The number 108 is considered sacred and significant in many spiritual traditions, which is why Mala beads often consist of this specific number of beads.

Setting an intention: Before using your Mala beads, it's helpful to set an intention for your practice. It could be a specific goal, affirmation, or quality you want to cultivate, such as peace, clarity, or love. This intention will guide your meditation or chanting session.

Holding the Mala beads: Hold the Mala beads in your dominant hand, with the guru bead (the larger bead or pendant) resting on your middle or ring finger. Use your thumb to count the beads, moving from one bead to the next with each breath or mantra repetition.

Starting point: Begin at the guru bead, which is not counted in the 108 beads. This is the marker for you to know when you have completed a full round of the Mala. You can choose to turn around the Mala and move in the opposite direction, or simply reverse the direction of the beads when you reach the guru bead again.

Mantra or affirmation: As you move the beads through your fingers, recite a mantra or affirmation with each bead. This can be a specific word, phrase, or sound that resonates with you. Examples include "Om," "peace," "love," or a personalised mantra. Repeat the mantra or affirmation with each bead until you complete the full circle.

Focus and meditation: Use the Mala beads as a point of focus during meditation. As you move through each bead, allow the rhythm of the beads and the repetition of the mantra to guide your breath and focus your mind. The tactile sensation of the beads can help anchor your awareness in the present moment.

Gratitude and closure: Once you have completed your meditation or chanting session, take a moment to express gratitude for the practice and the intention you set. Gently place the Mala beads aside or wear them as a reminder of your practice throughout the day.

Mala beads are a beautiful tool to deepen your meditation practice, promote mindfulness, and enhance spiritual connection. Whether you follow a specific tradition or simply want to incorporate them into your personal practice, Mala beads can serve as a supportive companion on your journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

Properties of Rose Quartz

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Calm
  • Confidence

Rose Quartz is a stone of warmth, gentleness, acceptance and love including self love.