Rose Quartz Cat (Small)


This is a really lovely little pink rose quartz cat who stands about 2.8cm high and is a bout 1cm deep.

This gorgeous little cat can be a wonderful tool for encouraging love of many types and emotional healing.

Here's how to use it for healing:Self-Love and Emotional Healing: Meditate with this lovely little cat, holding it close to your heart. Focus on self-love, acceptance, and emotional healing. Allow the gentle energy of Rose Quartz to soothe and nurture your emotions.Relationship Healing: Place it on your bedside table to enhance the energy of love and harmony in your personal relationships. It can promote understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.Stress Reduction: Carry your cat with you during the day to reduce stress and anxiety. Hold it in your hand during moments of tension for a calming influence.Heart Chakra Balancing: Use the cat during chakra healing sessions to balance and activate the heart chakra, opening yourself to love, empathy, and joy.Grief and Loss: During times of grief or loss, it is thought to provide comfort and emotional support. Hold it while processing and healing from emotional pain.Creative Expression: Display this little Rose Quartz cat in your creative space to inspire artistic and expressive endeavours, connecting with the heart's creative energy.Remember to cleanse and recharge the Rose Quartz cat regularly to keep its healing properties clear and pure.

Properties of Rose Quartz

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Calm
  • Confidence

Rose Quartz is a stone of warmth, gentleness, acceptance and love including self love.