Red Jasper Sleeping Cat


A lovely little nurturing red jasper cat that sits perfectly in your palm and measures about 4cm in length.

Please check the size before you buy.

Cats symbology:

Independence and self-reliance.
Mystery, psychic abilities and intuition.
Agility and adaptability.
Comfort and companionship. Cats symbolise a range of qualities and traits, including independence, mystery, and agility. They are also associated with intuition and keen instincts, symbolising the importance of trust in one's inner senses.
In various cultures, they can be linked to magic, with their enigmatic behaviour and nocturnal habits emphasising the mystical and unseen aspects of life. Additionally, cats symbolise companionship and comfort as beloved pets, offering solace and warmth to their owners. Their symbolism encompasses a blend of both domestic familiarity and an air of enigmatic mystique.

Properties of Red Jasper

  • Healing
  • Nurturing
  • Supporting

Red Jasper is a protecting, nurturing and stimulating stone. It is said to neutralise many forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution.