Rainbow Fluorite Rectangular Adjustable Ring


This gorgeous rainbow fluorite ring is made from brass with a gold plated scallop finish.

The fluorite crystal measures about 1.4cm high x 0.9cm wide and will fit most finger sizes.

Wearing a rainbow fluorite crystal ring can offer many benefits. Rainbow fluorite is known for its properties that promote confidence, mental clarity, focus, and protection from negative energies and well as attracting wealth.

When worn as a ring, it may enhance decision-making, balance emotions, and improve concentration(see properties page below for more details.

Its harmonising energies can bring a sense of calm and spiritual growth, making it a perfect and beautiful accessory for those seeking mental and emotional stability.

Properties of Fluorite

  • Cleansing
  • Confidence
  • Organisation
  • Protection

Fluorite promotes self confidence and is said to attract wealth. It is also a very protective stone, on all levels.