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Rainbow Aura Rough Cluster


This is a gorgeous rough aura quartz cluster with beautiful colours that measures about 5.1cm long x 3.5cm wide x 2.3cm deep.

how to use your rainbow aura quartz for healing and bringing joy:

Hold the crystal in your hand and take deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax. Set your intentions whether that be for healing or joy, or both. Visualize a gorgeous rainbow light emanating from the crystal, enveloping you in its soothing and uplifting energy.Place the rainbow aura quartz on your body or in your space wherever you feel drawn to put it. As you meditate or simply sit quietly, feel the crystal's lovely vibes merging with your own energy, promoting emotional balance and bringing light to your mind and your heart.
Regularly cleanse and recharge the rainbow aura quartz to maintain its effectiveness. With dedication and mindfulness, this crystal can be a powerful tool for healing and cultivating happiness in your life.

Properties of Rainbow Aura Quartz

  • Aura
  • cleansing
  • balance
  • healing

Rainbow Aura Quartz is a bringer of joy - I have never seen someone pick up one of these and not have a massive smile on their face!