Quartz Wand (Smallish)


A wonderful little quartz wand that measures about 6cm long x 1.3cm wide x 1.3cm deep.

Please double check the size before you buy.

Using a quartz wand for crystal healing can be a transformative experience. Begin by cleansing and charging the wand, either in sunlight, moonlight, salt water or with sage.

Set a clear intention for your healing session, focusing on specific areas of concern or general well-being. Hold the wand in your dominant hand and connect with its energy.To scan the body, gently move the quartz wand a few inches above the skin, allowing it to detect and disperse energy blockages. For chakra balancing, focus the wand on each energy center, making small clockwise circles. To amplify the effects, combine the quartz wand with your breath, inhaling positive energy and exhaling any negativity.For targeted healing, direct the wand to specific points or areas requiring attention. The quartz amplifies and transmits energy, making it versatile for various healing practices. After use, cleanse the wand to maintain its purity. Regularly attune to the quartz wand's energy, fostering a deep connection for ongoing healing sessions.

Properties of Quartz

  • Empowering
  • pain relief
  • healing

Quartz is said to be the stone of power as it amplifies any energy or intention. Often used to protect against negativity and help with connection to your higher self.