Pyrite Dragons Head


This really is a magnificent thing! A Dragons head carved from beautiful pyrite that measures about 6cm long x 3.5cm high x 3.2cm wide. Please double check the size before you buy.

You can really feel the power in this chap.

Use your Pyrite dragon for healing by placing it in your home or workspace to attract abundance and positive energy. During meditation, hold the dragon to enhance focus and manifest intentions.

As a symbol of protection, the Pyrite dragon can also be placed near your entrance to guard against negativity. Regularly cleanse the crystal by smudging or using other purification methods to maintain its healing properties. Embrace the Pyrite dragon as a powerful friend on your healing journey.

Pyrite's energy is associated with vitality, making it beneficial for physical well-being; gently stroke the dragon over areas of discomfort to promote healing.

Properties of Pyrite