Protection Pouch


I've chosen these stones to cover protection on many levels - and this combination feels like a little power pack!

These can be used in your pockets for when you're seeing negative, depressed or stressed people to keep your energy clear and strong, in your home, the car, your kids bedrooms, around your desk at work if you're being bullied and the same for kids, to put around a computer to protect from EMFs...and pretty much any other situation you can think of! This set is also wonderful for a traveller to stow away in their rucksack!

The Tumble stones in this pouch measure between 1.5cm and 2cm and vary in size and shape they are rarely all the same size and are sometimes flat rather than round. The tourmaline and labradorite we have at the moment is very rough but that goes nicely with the personality of the pouch :)

The contents are;

Black Tourmaline: Is known for its ability to protect and purify. It repels negativity and is said to convert it into positive energy. It is a wonderfully protective and empowering stone to wear or carry if you feel the weight of others emotions around you. It is also great for protection from Emfs. This is the black crystal.

Smoky Quartz: Emits a strongly protective energy. It helps ground the users so they can think and act clearly and is very effective at absorbing and transmuting negative energies. This is the brown translucent crystal.

Labradorite: Strengthens the Aura keeping your energy in and other peoples out, it's also thought to be protective against harmful frequencies, keeping you clean and clear energetically. This is the grey crystal.

Selenite: Is a very protective stone, said to shield you, or a space from negative external influences. It is also a bringer of light and puts the light back in to your energy. Said to be connected to the Angelic realms use it to call in your Angels, or Arch Angel Michael for extra protection too. If you can, keep this close to your heart (in a bra works wonders!). This is the white crystal.

You will get these in a black velvet pouch with the printed sheet of properties shown (flowers not inc').

If you are going into a threatening environment i would suggest carrying the Black Tourmaline and Labradorite in pockets on opposite sides of the body if possible (if you don't have space for them all.)
Remember to cleanse them after use (Selenite is water soluble so just bury it in dry salt) put the rest in salty water over night then rinse well.
You will receive these stones in a black velvet pouch.