Obsidian Arrow Orgonite Protect and Cleanse Pyramid


This one-off fantastic orgonite pyramid measures about 6cm x 6cm x 6cm. The photos don't quite do it justice, it is a special one, it feels like a little power house to me.

It was made locally in the UK, and this is what the maker has to say about it:

The Obsidian Arrowhead Pyramid: A highly protective piece, made with an Obsidian Arrowhead, crushed Selenite, Obsidian chips, Copper swarf and mixed metals. Its purpose is to cleanse and protect, particularly against unwanted negative energies and EMFs. Provides strong peaceful energies during meditation. Orgonite is said to re-calibrate negatively charged energy and bring it back into positive frequencies - combined with crystals it functions as a locked-in-place crystal grid, capable of clearing, cleansing and promoting harmonious ascension.
You do not need to cleanse your Orgonite, as it is self cleansing. It is best not to leave pyramids in direct sunlight for long periods (the piece may yellow or cast concentrated light onto flammable objects similar to a magnifying glass).

Properties of Orgone