Mookaite Jasper Thumb Stone


This pretty little mookaite jasper thumb stone measures about 4cm x 3cm - please look closely at the photos there are some lines from the polishing machine in the thumb dip.

Here are five ways to use your lovely Mookaite thumb stone during healing or rituals:

Balancing and Grounding: Hold the Mookaite thumb stone during meditation to connect with its grounding energy. Place it on the root chakra to promote stability and balance, helping to ground your energy and alleviate stress.

Vitality and Energy Boost: Rub the thumb stone between your fingers to activate its energy. Mookaite is believed to enhance vitality and boost the life force within you. Use it as a quick pick-me-up during moments of fatigue.

Chakra Alignment: Place the Mookaite thumb stone on different chakras during energy work to align and balance the energy centers. It is particularly associated with the solar plexus, promoting a sense of personal power and well-being.

Emotional Healing: Hold the thumb stone over your heart during meditation or energy healing to encourage emotional healing. Mookaite is thought to help release old patterns and provide a sense of inner calm.

Decision Making: Carry the Mookaite thumb stone with you during times of decision-making. Its energy is believed to enhance intuition and aid in making choices that align with your true self.

Remember to cleanse and recharge your Mookaite thumb stone regularly to maintain its effectiveness in healing. Trust your intuition to guide you in incorporating this crystal into your personal healing practices.

Properties of Mookaite Jasper

  • Grounding
  • Nurturing
  • Protective

Mookaite is a combination of red and yellow jasper. It is said to be a stone of strength and healing and is said to shield the wearer from awkward situations.