Lavakite Dragons Head


This wonderful Dragons head has been carved from lavakite, it measures about 6.5cm long x 3.3cm high x 2.8cm wide.

Please double check the size before you buy.

Lavakite is associated with grounding, strength, emotional calm and transformation. Here are some info on its spiritual healing properties:

Emotionally Calming:
This stone is believed to have a calming influence on emotions. It can assist in dissipating anger, enhancing patience, and promoting a sense of tranquility during challenging times.

Rebirth and Transformation:
As a product of volcanic activity, Lavakite is associated with transformation and rebirth. It symbolises the fiery depths of the Earth, making it a powerful tool for those undergoing significant life changes or seeking spiritual renewal.

Strength and Courage:
Lavakite is thought to imbue the wearer with strength and courage. It can be used as a talisman to help face challenges with resilience and determination.

Grounding Energy:
Lavakite is renowned for its grounding qualities. It helps anchor and stabilize the physical body, connecting you to the energies of the Earth. This grounding effect is particularly useful for those who seek balance and stability in their spiritual practice.

Spiritual Cleansing:
Due to its porous nature, Lavakite can absorb essential oils, making it a popular choice for aromatherapy. Infusing the stone with calming scents can enhance its spiritual cleansing properties.

Connection to the Fire Element:
The association with the fire element in Lavakite is believed to bring about a sense of passion, creativity, and vitality. It encourages a dynamic approach to life, fuelling your endeavours with energy and enthusiasm.

Enhancing Creativity:
Lavakite is said to stimulate creativity and inspiration. It helps clear blockages and allows for a more fluid expression of ideas and artistic pursuits.

Chakra Alignment:
Lavakite is commonly associated with the root chakra, as it aids in grounding and connecting to the Earth's energies. It can also be used to balance and align all the chakras.