Grey Sceptre Rough Quartz Point X 1


You will receive one of the points from the photos, these all have a rough layer of a grey mineral that has grown over them so they have a matt surface.

Yours will measure about 2.5cm long x 1.5cm wide (ish).

Please look closely at the pics before you buy, these are rough.

Put points facing inwards for healing and empowering and face them outwards for clearing and cleansing (the best thing to do it start with them facing outwards, them give them a clean with salt and water then turn them so they are facing inwards and you get the full treatment :)).

Properties of Clear Quartz

  • Healing
  • Intention
  • Power
  • Protection

Clear Quartz is the most popular and versatile healing stone of all the crystals. It is the most powerful healing stone thought to be able to work on any condition.