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Pink Lemurian Quartz Cluster (Small)


Beautiful little Lemurian Quartz points/cluster.

It measures about 4cm long x 2.8cm wide x 0.6cm deep. This lovely little thing just has a hint of a tint of pink to it.

You could start to use the healing power of your pink Lemurian Quartz by placing it on or near any part of your body during relaxation - Its gentle, loving energy is believed to aid emotional healing and balance. For a heart-centered approach, hold (or place) the crystal over your heart chakra, visualising its soft pink light enveloping you.

Use it during energy healing practices to promote a sense of well-being. Additionally, incorporating pink Lemurian Quartz into a crystal grid can provide a continuous flow of healing energy. Regularly cleanse the crystal to maintain its pure and nurturing vibes for optimal healing benefits.

Properties of Lemurian Quartz

  • Love
  • Oneness
  • Knowledge

These beautiful crystals are masters of clearing the energy field when used correctly, clearing away outmoded energy and revitalizing the chakra system.