Palo Santo and Blue Sage Smudge Sticks - 18cm Long


A long smudge stick made from a beautiful combination of Palo Santo and Blue Sage

This stick measures about 18cm long x 4cm wide.

Elevate your energy and cleanse your surroundings with the powerful combination of palo santo and blue sage - Here's the how to:Set Intentions: Begin with a clear purpose in mind—whether it's removing negativity, inviting positivity, or enhancing spiritual connection.Prepare Your Space: Open windows and doors to allow fresh air in and most importantly to let the smoke out - the sage absorbs the negativity into the smoke so it's essential that you get a good air flow to let that out of your space. Position a fire-safe dish to catch ashes during the smudging process.Ignite with Intention: Light the palo santo and sage, allowing the flame to smoulder before gently blowing it out. Smudge Methodically: Move through each room, guiding the smoke with your hand or a feather (or I find a consertinaed piece of paper also works well) . Use palo santo for uplifting, while blue sage is effective for dispelling negativity so this is a gorgeous combination.Visualise Cleansing: Envision the smoke absorbing and dispelling unwanted energy. Picture your space bathed in a renewed, positive light.Express Gratitude: Conclude the ritual by expressing gratitude for the purified energy. NB: Make sure you safely extinguish the materials.