Anti Anxiety Pouch


Our Anti Anxiety Pouch has been lovingly made with 4 healing crystals to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Each stone measures approximately 2cm x 1.8cm and has been carefully chosen to provide the maximum soothing effect.

Each pouch is unique and every stone is different, the photos are examples, yours will be similar and just as lovely.

Your crystals will come in a little black velvet bag like the one in the photos and a little leaflet like the one in the photos with the properties of the crystals on.

The crystals in the pouch are;

Blue Lace Agate - A very cooling and calming crystal, said to endow the carrier with a gentle sense of peace and Tranquility . This is the pale blue stone.

Sodalite - This is the most powerful crystal for dissolving guilt, fear, and general self punishment. It is said to bridge the gap between your heart and your head - bringing clarity to mental confusion and inner peace to a rowdy mind. This is the dark blue one.

Green Aventurine - Has a positive effect on the thoughts, strengthening ones sense of confident self. This is the perfect stone for those who are looking for a positive new view on their life, it relieves anxiety and soothes emotions. This is the green one.

Moonstone - Calming to the emotions, this crystal has a balancing effect on the hormones, encouraging a balanced state of mind. This is the brownish one.

All the blue lace agate crystals have one pretty side (and one roughish side that is shown in the photos).

Flowers for display only.

Properties of Sodalite

  • Communication
  • Support
  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Calming

Sodalite can be a life changing stone, it is recognised as the most powerful crystal for dissolving guilt, fear and general self punishment.