Amazonite and Topaz-Glass Necklace (Silver Plated)


A very lovely necklace made from 3 rough amazonite stones and one piece of faceted topaz-glass (this means it's glass that has been coloured to look like topaz - it's thought to work wonderfully with the throat chakra due to its lovely clear bright blue colour).

The stones are set in silver plated metal. The pendant measures about 4.4cm long x 3cm wide.

The cord necklace measures about 44cm (17inches) in length with a 6cm extension chain that can be used to make it a bit longer. The metal on the necklace is just white metal not silver plated.

Properties of Amazonite

  • Abundance
  • Good Luck
  • Success

Amazonite is recognised as a “Stone of Abundance and success”, it attracts good luck. It is said to be a wonderful assistance for a peaceful transition of the dying bringing them closer to the Divine.