Tiger Iron Tumble Stones

Tiger Iron is an uplifting, energising, and grounding stone, assisting those who are feeling burnt out or exhausted on emotional, mental, and physical levels. It also promotes physical energy and stamina.

This lovely stone will constantly provide your environment with positive energy that can be channeled into wherever you need it. 

Tiger Iron is good for sensitive/empathic people who may be drained by taking on other peoples “stuff” (very useful for healers). It's a grounding, protective and centering stone

It’s a combination of Haematite, Golden Brown Tiger’s Eye and Red and Yellow Jasper (which became squished together millions of years ago as the tectonic plates around Australia moved together). It holds the metaphysical properties of all its components.

It is said to be a great companion for creative people, inspiring motivation and solutions to artistic and creative endeavours.

Lastly tiger iron is one of the crystals recommended  for women struggling with the menopause, it is said to help the bearer process strong emotions and changes internally and outside too.