Seraphinite Palm Stone

This beautiful stone is named after the Seraphim, the highest order of Angels who attend the throne of God.

The stone always displays tell tale shimmering feathery patterns – it is these Angel feathers that gives the stone it’s name.

Seraphinite is a stone of love, nurturing and wholeness. it is thought to be attuned to the heart chakra bringing a sense of warmth and well being to those to wear or carry it, and those who come into it’s energy field.

It links the physical realms with the spiritual, and is also thought to be powerful in opening communications with devic and angelic realms, especially those concerned with healing the planet.

This stone is said to have a high spiritual energy, ascending through the human body and encouraging Kundalini energy to rise up along the spine, clearing and activating each chakra along the way.

This precious stone is thought to hold you close to your own Angelic helpers as well as encouraging loving energies within and around you.