Sapphire Chunk

If you need more self discipline, be that to eat less, exercise more, be kinder to yourself or stop after 2 glasses of wine - you should carry a carry sapphire with you everywhere you go!

Also said to be a wonderful stone if you need some help with self belief it’s thought to help you become more secure in your own opinions and bring about a sense of self acceptance.

Sapphire has always been considered a stone of wisdom, many members of Royalty have had them embedded in crowns and rings since forever (almost) to help them make the best choices.

It’s believed to support the gift of prophecy giving insight and flashes of prediction on subjects of focus . If you have problems sleeping this beautiful stone is also thought to help beat Insomnia.

The most common thing it is known for has to be its reputation in love! Sapphire is said to support committed relationships helping them go the distance, hence so often being used in engagement rings.