Chevron Amethyst Tumble Stones

Chevron amethyst can enhance intuition and is a powerful stone for dissipating and repelling negativity. It is said to have a cleansing effect on the aura.

It's also a wonderful healer gently working its magic wherever it is placed. Bringing calm and dissipating anger is one of its many gifts.

Amethyst is a powerful protection stone creating a bubble around the carrier, warding off psychic attacks and negative energy.

Excellent for working with the third eye and stimulating the third eye chakra amethyst is a deeply spiritual stone known for supporting awakenings of the spirit however that shows itself.

It is also seen as the sobering stone, very good for all forms of addiction, from alcoholism to anorexia, if you suffer with either of these, or love someone who does, a good sized piece of Amethyst under their bed at the head end will work while they sleep (though it does also have a sobering effect on the libido too so bear that in mind! :)).

It is the perfect stone for meditation helping to connect you to your higher self and calm the mind while doing so.