Fire Agate Heart


This is a wonderful fire agate heart filled with classically formed crackly lines and the colours are lovely.

It measures about 4.4cm x 4cm x 2cm deep.

Heres how to use it if you need some help with ideas:

Hold your Fire Agate heart during meditation to ignite inner strength and courage, releasing fears and promoting self-confidence. Place it on the solar plexus chakra to boost vitality and creativity. The vibrant energy of Fire Agate facilitates transformative healing, empowering you to overcome challenges with resilience and passion.

Properties of Fire Agate

  • Grounding
  • Addiction
  • Bravery

Fire Agate is a protective and grounding stone with a calming energy. It is said to build a protective shield around the body, deflecting ill-wishing and harm and reflecting it back to its source.