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Bismuth Cluster (Small)


A beautiful little cluster with beautiful colours that measures about 2cm high x 4cm long x 1.6cm wide.

Known for alleviating emotional turmoil, Bismuth is said to aid in finding inner peace and maintaining emotional equilibrium. Its vibrational energy is thought to align and clear chakras, promoting mental clarity and focus.

If you've ever wondered if Bismuth is naturally grown or not - the answer is it's laboratory created - but from a naturally occurring metal. Bismuth (which is a heavy metal) is melted down, a small rod is inserted into it and slowly lifted as it cools, where the Bismuth naturally forms, filling the space and forming the amazing structured crystals you see here.

Properties of Bismuth

  • Isolation
  • Transformation
  • Wisdom

Bismuth crystal has lovely properties, including reducing isolation – physical, emotional and spiritual isolation.