Love & the law of attraction

Jimble Stevens



The good news is that to attract love into our lives it’s actually surprisingly easy when you know how. It’s all about the law of attraction, like attracts like.

Imagine your energy is vibrating on a particular wavelength, the law of attraction says only other things that are of the same vibration can be drawn to you… So, you need to make your energy vibrate at the rate of what you want to receive, which means generating loving energy and appreciation so that vibration can see and connect with you.

The laws of the universe are very simple, what you give out you get back.

If you are sitting at home counting your wrinkles and your rolls of tummy wobble (we’ve all been there), then the energy you are giving out is on a vibration of  insecurity and self criticism,  so if you do draw a partner to you they will most likely reflect your opinions back to you and make you feel even worse. HOWEVER, if you devote five tiny minutes a day to consciously creating some positive, loving energy about yourself you will reap much more healthy rewards.

My favourite way of creating some good energy is “the grid“.

grid pattern showing 9 circles

Draw 9 dots on a piece of paper in the shape of  a grid (3 rows of 3 below each other), each with a space big enough to write a word next to it.

Decide what subject in your life you want to improve e.g. self confidence.

Next to each dot write one word that you would like to experience in relation to that subject, such as; appreciation, warmth, love, interest, ease, joy, attraction etc.

When you write down each word take a moment to feel that emotion, dig through your memory archives and let the emotion cuddle you, then move on to the next (can be as simple as thinking of the warmth you feel when you hug your cat/dog/mum).

When you’re done, fold it up, put it in your handbag or pocket and just know that you have stated your wishes to the universe and  that the wonderful universe is out there starting to line things up for you. During the next few weeks, try becoming a yes person, instead of a no person, give those opportunities a chance to find you.

Appreciation is key to everything, if you can get yourself  into a state of appreciation your energy becomes a light and love magnet…and when we plug into that wavelength miracles can find us.