Choosing a crystal

Jimble Stevens

How to choose the right crystal for YOU!

There are a few different schools of thought on choosing Crystals, personally I’m an advocator of the intuitive choice as I think this is a world of vibration where we naturally match up with what we need.

Look at them, get a feel for them, you will get a very clear attraction for the ones that are right for you – in my experience it’s like they turn on a little magnet that makes them impossible to walk away from, and often, if holding them they can become warm or buzzy.

The other school of thought is a bit more complicated, if you choose to follow that one, here are some pointers;

  1. Investigate the properties of various crystals in order to familiarize yourself with them. Choose some of the crystals that you think may help you.
  2. You can choose your crystal considering the crystal’s beauty, or particular attributes that offer solutions to some problem you would like to address.
  3. You can address some particular crystals on a mental level and establish communication with them. Try to determine what kind of energy flows between you and your crystal. Is this energy warm or uncomfortable?
  4. The size doesn’t need to be a decisive factor in determining the right crystal for you since even small pieces can be extremely effective.  Have in mind that rough crystals in their natural shape and condition may not be as visually attractive, but they can be as powerful and energetically strong as their faceted counterparts, sometimes more so, and, needless to say, less expensive.
  5. Finally, remember that Crystals can be your friends, counsellors and teachers..but do remember that most people will think you’re a bit mad if you say that, so choose your words wisely