Healing properties for Tanzine Aura Quartz

tanzine aura quartz points
Photograph by Jem

Tanzine Aura Quartz is also sometimes named Indigo Aura Quartz.

It is said to carry the Indigo ray which is associated with the third eye, because of this it is believed to enhance psychic abilities, hone intuition and open windows into higher dimensions and access other worlds that vibrate on the same frequency as the Earth at this time.

If you want to link more strongly to your personal guides, or to the realms of Angelic beings or Ascended Masters this crystal is thought to be a good bridge.

On a more physical realm this lovely crystal is said to help raise the frequency of the physical body. When used in conjunction with a clean, organic diet and increased clean water intake the frequency change can be quite significant and help raise you into a different layer where previous illnesses no longer exist. To use this crystal for that specific purpose make a grid around your bed.

One of it's most beautiful traits is it's said to bring the physical thoughts into a frequency of the hearts wisdom and thus bring about wiser, more objective, loving interpretations of painful problems.

The little pink stars that fell out of the bag with my lovely thumb stone was a sheer delight, I will be back to buy again, thank you by Julie