Healing properties for Orange Calcite

calcite tumble stones
Photograph by Jem

Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser amplifier .  The energy of Calcite purifies and cleans out negative energy from pretty much anywhere, a room, body, furniture etc.

It is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns and  increasing personal motivation and drive.  It is also known as a mind stone as it  heightens mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and the ability to learn quickly and efficiently, great to have on your desk during revision/tests etc.  Calcite is by far the the best stone for anyone studying.

Calcite is also good during times of disagreements as it can show you a new way to look at a situation, easing you away from outdated thought patterns making space for new inspiration and ideas.

For physical crystal healing calcite is said to be helpful for conditions of the joints, visual disturbances and viruses.

There are many different colours of Calcite, each having their own attributes, I have given a brief summary below:

Blue; Throat, Communication, emotional release, calming and soothing.

Green; Heart, balance, healing, release of stored emotions, communication.

Yellow; Solar Plexus, self confidence, hope, clearer of stored self doubt.

Orange; Sacral, Joy, creativity, energy, sexual energy, pleasure.

Red; Base, confidence, vitality, grounding.

Optical (clear) Iceland spar; clearing, clarity, light.

Mangano (Pink); Compassion, healing, warmth, comfort, love.

Golden Calcite is also known as Honey Calcite. It can help with recovering from the emotional effects of abusive situations and relationships.

Golden Calcite is said to encourage responsibility in leadership and the correct use of power. It is good for confidence and increases feelings of self worth and courage. It assists in overcoming obstacles.  It is also said to be helpful for learning all types of skills and developing new talents.

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