Rough Unakite Palm Stone


Rough Unakite Palm Stone that measures about 7cm x 5cm

Please look closely at the photos, esspecially of the surface, this is slightly cheaper than usual due to the surface being a bit under polished.

Your Unakite palm stone is a wonderful crystal for holistic healing. Here are some options of ways to use its energies:Heart Chakra Meditation: Hold the Unakite palm stone over your heart chakra to foster self love, emotional healing, balance, and harmony. Visualise its green and pink hues infusing your being with love and compassion.Stress Relief: Rub the smooth surface of the palm stone between your fingers during stressful moments. Its soothing energy can help dissipate tension and calm your mind.Balancing Energy Centers: Place the Unakite palm stone on various chakras during energy work to balance and align your body's subtle energies. This promotes a sense of overall well-being and vitality.Manifestation Aid: Use the Unakite palm stone in manifestation rituals. Hold it while focusing on your goals, allowing its energy to amplify intentions and attract positive outcomes.Sleep Enhancement: Keep the palm stone under your pillow or by your bedside to promote restful sleep and enhance dream recall. Unakite is believed to bring insights and clarity during dream states.Gratitude Practice: Hold the Unakite palm stone while reflecting on gratitude. Its nurturing energy can help you appreciate the positive aspects of your life and foster a sense of contentment.Inner Child Healing: Meditate with the palm stone to connect with your inner child. Unakite's gentle energy is conducive to healing past emotional wounds, promoting self-love, and restoring innocence.

Fertility and Childbirth: Hold your Unakite palm stone over your lower abdomen during meditation to enhance fertility and support the reproductive system. Its gentle, nurturing energy can bring emotional balance and aid in preparing the body for childbirth. Visualize the stone's calming influence fostering a healthy and harmonious environment for conception and pregnancy.

Remember to cleanse your Unakite palm stone regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Trust your intuition and explore different techniques to incorporate this crystal into your healing journey.

Properties of Unakite

  • Balance
  • Calming
  • Pregnancy

The Pink Feldspar in Unakite encourages you to love yourself, which in turn allows you to attract and maintain the love of others, as they are just a reflection of how you feel about yourself.