Turquoise Himalayan Marble Egg (Large) REDUCED

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 A pretty Turquoise Himalayan Marble Egg for healing or just decoration.

This is reduced due to the formation lines on its surface - although they are rather apt for an egg :)

Hand-carved from durable marble from the Himalayan mountains, it measures 6.8cm high x 5cm wide and is a lovely cheerful colour (and will last forever!).It has been coloured, marble doesn't naturally form in this lovely colour.

Marble is said to help encourage inner peace and serenity, bring strength for difficult circumstances and encourage positive focus .

This lovely grounding stone helps to calm the mind as well as promoting a strengthened determination helping with addictions to destructive behaviours and thought patterns as well as physical addictions such as food, drugs or alcohol.

In physical healing it’s thought to help with strengthening the immune system to overcome viral issues and with illnesses that effect bone marrow.