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Rough Bridge Dolphin Quartz Cluster (Small)


The closer you look at this little quartz cluster the more interesting it gets! It is a bridge crystal (which means it has a smaller crystal growing right through the larger one, and this one has a rainbow within that crystal too) this is said to help with spiritual growth if used during meditation.

A bridge crystal is also said to aid in bringing healing energy into the earthly realms - make sure you programme it properly before use as these formations carry a lot of potential within them.

It also has a wonderful rainbow filled little dolphin crystal growing out of its top which represents fun, play and laughter. It measures about 4cm high x 4.7cm wide. This is classed as rough as it has imperfections so please look closely at the pictures before you buy.

Do check the size before you buy please.

Properties of Quartz

  • Empowering
  • pain relief
  • healing

Quartz is said to be the stone of power as it amplifies any energy or intention. Often used to protect against negativity and help with connection to your higher self.