Dolphin Song CD

As mystery and understanding blend through waves of cool, blue sound, the joy and delight of elusive dolphin-voices echo powerfully along the invisible corridors of the Deep

Track Listing

  1. Dolphin Song
  2. In Healing Waters
  3. Swim with Dolphins
  4. Sea Weavers
  5. Understanding
  6. Into the Blue
  7. Across the Waters
  8. Corridors of the Deep
  9. Our Friends Return
  10. Farewell

Approx Running Time: 60 Minutes

The beautiful, natural dolphin-calls feature with sympathetic intelligence against the melody of piano, pizzicato strings, clarinet, flute and harp-sounds.

Few have the opportunity to swim with dolphins - so let your imagination take you effortlessly into their underwater world. James Harry's mastery of keyboards and piano shines through and his recording and production skills have been put to the fullest use.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
Sorry, this product is no longer available