Amethyst and Goethite Polished Slice

This piece is just stunning, it is actually amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz and goethite sprinkled through it in thousands of hair-thin inclusions.

It is at it's best when there is a light behind it so you can see it's magic more clearly.

The surface on the back is slightly pocked but not so you'd really notice. There is a rainbow in the bottom corner from where the crystal either has a natural formation line that reaches the surface, or it has been knocked but it's impossible to tell which and it is a tiny proportion of this gorgeous bit of rock it certainly won't be the bit you are looking at!

The top of it is a mixture of polished and raw rock as you can see in the pictures.

This beautiful thing comes on a little plastic stand that displays it at an angle - and it looks gorgeous!

It measures about 9cm high x 10cm wide x 2.4cm deep.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
Sorry, this product is no longer available