Sheen Obsidian Heart on Stand (Large)

This magnificent sheen obsidian heart is an absolute shimmering beauty! 

When a light source (natural or otherwise) is pointed at it a silver sheen appears right across its face.

There is a small pale mark in the middle which is just a natural formation in the stone, there is no dip or anything there..

It is very beautiful and would make any bookshelf or mantlepiece proud whilst working its purifying magic.

It comes with the stand that is detachable.

Just the heart measures about 11.8cm high x 13cm wide x 4cm deep.

Please check the size and photos closely before you buy!

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Black Obsidian

    In crystal healing  Black Obsidian is seen as providing an instant connection to the Root Chakra, it is a deeply grounding and protecting stone, defending the carrier from psychic attack.

    It is also known as the “grief stone” as it is thought to be very helpful for those dealing with the loss of a loved one. If it is held during meditation it can unblock hidden feelings of grief allowing the healing process to start.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available