Matching Pair of Super Six Slices (Geode)

I'm struggling to find words to describe how wonderful this natural chunk of super six feels. It's a geode that has been sliced in half and polished so the two halves still fit, and it's just gorgeous! The whole chunk with the two halves together measures approximately 12.5cm by 8.5cm and is just under 8cm thick. One half is slightly fatter than the other but not in a weird way :) NB This stone is called super 6 as it comes from the mine where super 7 was found but word on the street is that super 7 is all gone now so this is what's left (many people still sell it as super 7), though of course there will still be much super 7 in circulation from before it ran out.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Super Seven

    Super Seven is also known as Melody’s Stone or the Sacred Seven.  This truly is a stone of the new world, it’s energy is so alive and buzzing it’s like a little psychic power station, (when I first had one I couldn’t sleep with it in the bedroom). It is said that it enhances all psychic skills especially the ability to see Auras, I find this to be true! It’s a very protective stone.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available