A Pair of Whole Agate Geodes

A pair of whole agate geodes - just as they have been dug out of the earth. However, inside of them is a wonderful little sparkly cave.

You can discover the secret treasure hidden within these rocks...To crack open the geode, you'll need a hammer and a hard surface, like a paving slab or concrete.

Place the geode down and give it a few taps with the hammer. Be sure to break it within the pouch as this will safely contain any stray fragments. If you decide to leave them whole, you will still know that there is a magical little world inside!

You will receive 2 geodes similar to the ones in the photos. They will measure no smaller than about 3.7cm x about 3cm x about 2.2cm, and no larger than about 5cm x about 4.4cm x about 2.7cm.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
Sorry, this product is no longer available