Green Aventurine Cat (Small)


A very sweet little green aventurine cat that measures about 2.8cm high.

Green Aventurine is associated with abundance, luck, and heart chakra healing.

Using this little Green Aventurine cat for healing can be a fun and effective practice. Here's some ideas of how to do it:

Heart Chakra Balancing: Place the cat on your chest during meditation or healing sessions to balance and activate the heart chakra, fostering love, compassion, and emotional healing.

Abundance and Prosperity: Keep the cat on your desk or workspace to attract prosperity, success, and good luck in your endeavours.

Stress Reduction: Hold it while focusing on your breath to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. Its calming energy can bring tranquility and inner peace.

Self-Love and Self-acceptance: Meditate with the cat to enhance self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence. Focus on self-care and personal growth.

Creativity: Green Aventurine can stimulate creativity and innovation. Display it in your creative space to boost artistic inspiration and problem-solving abilities.

Regular cleansing and intention-setting can help maximise its healing potential.

Properties of Aventurine

  • Calm
  • Creativity
  • Success
  • Wealth

Aventurine is a stone of Good Luck and love. It is said to have a positive effect on the thoughts, strengthening ones sense of self.