Golden Healer Pendulum


This is  a lovely chunky golden healer pendulum with a Dove on the end of the chain to hold.

Golden Healers are thought to hold magnificent golden light which teaches us to see the world with wonder and curiosity leading us to find the true self.

They are also said to be the ultimate healers for emotional issues, they are formed by  iron oxide getting caught within quartz and spreading through the natural veins forming the golden orangy yellow colours.

This pendulums weight is lovely and chunky measuring about 2cm wide at the top and the full drop measuring about 16cm.

Properties of Golden Healer Quartz

  • Higher Guidance
  • Healing
  • Cleansing

This beautiful stone is said to carry within it the frequencies of healing,allowing harmonising energy to balance and cleanse your chakras leaving you feeling uplifted and clear.The lovely golden hue is said to connect your crown chakra to higher consciousness allowing you to receive guidance and clarity from your higher self for the highest good.The golden colour is from iron that was present when the quartz was forming millions of years ago.