Elestial Tip Lemurian Teachers Crystal


This is a really special and very unique crystal - I've only seen one other quite like this before (and it was for sale for over a grand!).

It's a naturally formed Lemurian quartz point/rod, the end of which has formed a multitude of beautiful flat points. The other end is raw crystal from where it has broken away from the mother crystal. There are a couple of rough areas but overall it is really very lovely.

It measures about 13.4cm long x 2.8cm wide x 3cm deep.

Heres some more info about The Elestial Tip Lemurians:

These crystals form in straight columns. Like all Lemurian crystals, they have horizontal ridges on their surfaces.

These beautiful and unique crystals are said to emanate currents that are very powerful, and also very soft. Having the ability to transport one's awareness to other realms they do this gently, yet profoundly.
They are also believed to activate one's latent capacities for psychic and empathic awareness on all levels.

Properties: Record keepers, Penetrator

It's believed these crystals are their most powerful when working with someone on advanced metaphysical areas, and are intending to share this knowledge with others. This is the ultimate spiritual teacher's crystal.

Properties of Quartz

  • Empowering
  • pain relief
  • healing

Quartz is said to be the stone of power as it amplifies any energy or intention. Often used to protect against negativity and help with connection to your higher self.