Tourmalinated Quartz Tumble Stones (x 3)

These fabulous stones are quartz through which hundreds of tiny rods of black tourmaline rods have formed which gives you a wonderful combination of the two properties of both stones mixed together.
Each tumble measures about 2cm x 1.7cm.
N.B. these stones also have patches of orange iron-oxide on some of them and some have lumps, bumps and polished cracks on them, they are quite rough and ready, but that seems to go very well with their job : ) 

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Tourmalinated Quartz

    Tourmalinated Quartz is clear quartz which has stripes of Black Tourmaline inside it. This combination embodies both the energy of Black Tourmaline and the strong vibration of Clear quartz crystals, which amplifies the Tourmaline’s protective and grounding energy.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available