Sunstone Tumble Stones (x3)

Each one of these Tumbles measure approximately 1.7cm x 1.8cm 
You will receive 3 Sunstone Tumbles, some of these stones have black and grey marks on them but they all have sunstone shimmers.

Tumble stones are probably the most versatile of all Crystal shapes. They are perfect for pockets, purses, pillows, pouches or bras (just tuck one in next to your heart for that extra bit of self loving).
They can be used around the house in grids for happiness, healing, protection, peace, grounding, positivity, affection, love, lust... the list is endless, just put one or two in each corner of a room and let them do the rest.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Sunstone

    Sunstone is thought to be a stone of  personal power and expanded consciousness. It reflects the qualities of light beautifully bringing openness, warmth, strength and clarity of thought and mind. It is said to give respite from fearfulness and stressful emotions in the mind and energy fields. Phobias such as fear of heights or the dark have light brought to them diluting the fear. It is also said to provide a source of strength if you are dependent on others emotionally. It is also said to bring comfort and light if you lose someone close to you, be that through death or a break up.

    Read more about the healing properties for Sunstone
Sorry, this product is no longer available