Purple Agate Tumble Stones (x 3)

These dyed Agate Tumbles are carrying all the lovely calm of Agate with the bonus of a colour pop!
They measure approximately 2.3cm x 1.8cm.
These little stones are perfect for pockets, purses, pouches or bra ۪s (just tuck one in next to your heart for that extra bit of self loving). They can be used around the house in grids for happiness, protection, peace, healing, grounding, positivity, affection or love. the list is endless, just check the attributes of the crystals against what it is you desire, put one or two in each corner of a room and let them do the rest.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
Sorry, this product is no longer available
Thanks for your reply to my questions, it was really helpful. I got the crystals today and they're great! Brilliant service, great quality! I know where I'll be shopping in future. Many thanks by Nicky