Confidence Boost Healing Pouch

Feeling confident and at peace with ourselves is something that hugely improves the quality of our lives, and this pouch was lovingly put together with that intention for the bearer.
That's why the first stone I chose was
Rose Quartz for its properties of teaching self love, and kindness towards the self. Also guiding loving energy from others towards you.
Secondly Haematite for its properties of grounding and attraction, it is said to draw admirers to you and help you see the beauty in yourself.
Thirdly, lovely happy, optimistic, hopeful Citrine to bring a sparkle back into your eye and confidence to your heart,
and finally Garnet, Garnet is said to soothe self criticism and helps the bearer rise up into a head space of hope and joy.
Of course, Crystals are a complementary therapy and if you are seriously unwell, do see a doctor as well as using crystals :)

The tumble stones in this pouch measure approximately 2cm x 1.8cm
You will receive these stones in a lovely soft black velvet pouch.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
Sorry, this product is no longer available