Leopardskin Jasper Palm Stone

This Leopardskin Jasper Palm stone measures 7cm x 5cm.
This is a very pretty palmstone that carries all the soothing properties of Jasper.

You may not get this exact palm stone but it will be similar, the colours vary a bit, many are more the pinky/red end of the spectrum  but all have the splodges these pretty palm stones have a slightly pocked surface.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Jasper

    In Healing, Jasper is recognised as the supreme nurturer.  It holds and supports during times of stress, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquillity.

    Jasper is often used to help with dream recall and shamanic journeying.

    Read more about the healing properties for Jasper
Sorry, this product is no longer available