Phantom Quartz Rutilated Point

This is a wonderful example of layered phantoms within a Quartz Crystal, there are at least 9 in this one with the top ones layered really close together.
It also has golden (and a few copper) Angel Hairs (rutile) sprinkled through this amazing point.
This Phantom Point has patches of rough crystal on several sides (that show clearly in the picture) - if you are a real Crystal fan and want something that can inspire and delight you this one would make a great friend. It would also make an amazing meditation companion, you could lose yourself in it no problem!
It measures approx 6.3cm high x 5cm deep x 5.5cm wide.
Please check the size before you buy on a ruler - a centimeter is often less than people think!

Sorry, this product is no longer available
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Sorry, this product is no longer available