Lemurian Quartz Crystal Point (large)

This is exquisite! When the light captures the fractures inside it looks like it has little white lights shimmering in it. It has beautiful striations and a little rainbow in it's belly. It has one or two rough bits (obviously the bottom half is very rough as that is where it broke away from a cluster) .


It seems to have a holographic point inside it that belongs to the broken off piece sticking out but it only shows from some angles - odd and magical in equal measure!

This point feels so light it is almost silver to me! It measures about 11cm long x 6.5cm x 5cm deep.

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  • Lemurian Quartz

    These beautiful crystals are masters of clearing the energy field when used correctly, clearing away outmoded energy and revitalizing the chakra system.

    After using these stones many people say they experience emotional healing, which is believed to stem from the deeply loving frequency of these crystals.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available