Elestial Quartz Phantom Point (large)

This point is really quite stunning!

The formations on the entire thing are wonderful - Inside the main point it has a darker phantom point.

On its surface it has all sorts of etchings and dips and holes, it's fantastic.

Some of it has some smoky colouring, it is cloudy, not like clear quartz.

The end of its nose isn't perfect but it really doesn't show as the whole thing is covered in dips n bumps. This lovely point measures about 15cm long x 7.1cm wide x 6.8cm deep.

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  • Elestial Quartz

    Elestial quartz crystals have a very high vibration and are seen as powerful stones to aid spiritual growth.

    They are an amazing stone to assist with change in your life, providing a stronger connection to the angelic realms and higher spiritual planes. These truly are a stone for these times of expansion and growth, as they aid attunement with the higher vibrations and open doorways to higher dimensions.

    Read more about the healing properties for Elestial Quartz

Price: £55.00

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